About Chiropractic

The history of chiropractic as a profession is just like your average best seller novel, full of betrayal, rivalry, endless family scuffles and the ever present skeletons in the closet (pun intended). I’d like to go through the history of this 115 year profession but the facts are negotiable, someone will get left out, feelings will get hurt and too many people will chime in with all sorts of addendum. We will instead avoid all this and stick to the founders.

The Birth Of Chiropractic

The man who started it all, Daniel David Palmer (DD for short). Interesting man. Nutty as a fruitcake, but then what genius isn’t? You can read the juicy stuff on his wiki. Suffice it for our purposes to say that his is the “Founder” of the chiropractic profession that originates in 1895 in the midwestern town of Davenport Iowa. The story goes that he noticed something abnormal about the “2nd dorsal vertebra” of a near-deaf custodian in the building he taught in. Attempting to correct what he saw by using his hands to push the bone in the direction he thought was correct, he inadvertently restored the hearing of this gentleman. That is what has come to be know as the first adjustment. DD is highly regarded throughout all chiropractic. DD had a son named BJ and the eccentric gene was past on.

BJ Palmer is know throughout chiropractic as the “Developer” of the profession. He is the one responsible for really getting chiropractic off the ground. He was very philosophically minded but produced clinical results unlike any other of his time, or any time for that matter. BJ pioneered the use of many instruments that gave clear objective findings, including x-ray. He wrote a series of textbooks named The Green Books that thoroughly explain the science and philosophy of chiropractic. His wiki is here.

Based on this quick and dirty assessment of the chiropractic profession, why would anyone willing go to see one of these doctors? Well, like many other things, the proof is in the pudding. It doesn’t matter that the founders were, uh, unconventional – what matters is that people have received strength and wellness from a chiropractor’s hands and will continue receiving health. So often it’s the people who have “tried everything else” or go in as a last option only to find that such a simple concept made all the difference.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a health science that deals with the individual patient as a whole. A symptom, to a chiropractor, is like an alarm going off letting the person know that there is something amiss in the body. A chiropractor is concerned with discovering why a person is in a state of disease and correcting that problem to allow the body heal itself.

Our brain is in control and relies on information or intelligence gathered from the body to keep everything regulated. When information is not transmitted or received, the result is loss of function. Think of someone who is paraplegic. They can no longer move their lower extremities because the communication lines have been disrupted between the brain and body. There are instances that people regain partial control of limbs because communication has been restored to a degree. This is a vivid example and there are varying degrees that communication can be disrupted. Chances are that unless something big happens you will not notice the decreasing function until it becomes severe and have already lost some function.

Regular checkups to a chiropractor, like those to the dentist, may prevent your body from deteriorating. Chiropractors understand that some communication can easily be restored my adjusting problematic vertebra that are in a state of subluxation or misalignment.

What Makes Upper Cervical Chiropractors Different?

Upper cervical chiropractors understand the relationship of this communication often gets broken down at the upper part of the neck, the area of the first two bones in your neck named atlas and axis. Due to the configuration of these two bones, it takes some careful planning and skilled maneuvering to get these to line up the way they were meant to be and reestablish disrupted communication without interfering with others.

Most chiropractors will adjust this segment of the neck because they too understand it’s importance. However, if they do not take the necessary steps to determine what needs to be done to deliver a positive adjustment, meaning if they do not take specific x-rays and thoroughly evaluate them, they may not fully understand the relationship of the two bones in that unique individual. There are several different techniques that will correct this misalignment, but most chiropractors don’t take the time to learn and apply them in addition to their other care.

I encourage you while you are visiting this blog to visit some of the informational websites provided to learn more. If there is a specific condition you want to know about take a look at the research repositories. Upper cervical care is effective to so many different conditions because it does not separate the body into different components. Upper cervical care reestablishes clear communication so the body can take care of whatever is going on.

Remove interference. Give nourishment. Allow time for healing.

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