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Jason Alder DC Upper Cervical Chiropractor in McKinney Texas

Jason Alder DC Upper Cervical Chiropractor in McKinney Texas

Dr. Jason Alder is currently practicing at Healthful Chiropractic in McKinney Texas. He is an internationally trained upper cervical chiropractor and strives to serve patients through health and education. Dr. Alder connects with patients through compassion and understanding. As James Parker stated, “Loving service is my first technique”.

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, he quickly learned to enjoy the outdoors and the wonders of the mountains. After receiving an undergraduate degree in kinesiology and nutrition, Dr. Alder attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Alder spent time in Italy, where he received additional extensive chiropractic training in upper cervical specific techniques including advanced imaging. He practices primarily Blair upper cervical specific technique in conduction with the use of advanced imaging CBCT 3D. Dr Alder also utilizes the Orthospinology protocol. With Dr. Alder’s move to McKinney he brings his experience and a new technologically advanced approach to head and neck injuries.

Dr. Alder focuses his practice on Upper Cervical techniques and is one of very few doctors in the DFW Metroplex performing upper cervical care. The technology, utilized by the procedure, makes it unique and cutting edge. Using Cone Beam 3D imaging, Dr. Alder observes and analyses the upper cervical (neck) region for injury and inconsistency in joint function. This approach to visualizing the structures in this delicate region of the spine will help improve general function and mobility for many in McKinney.

In chiropractic, the correct application of science through the art of an adjustment will invariably produce a miracle.

Expect a miracle.

  1. 18 January 2016 at 05:55

    Dear Dr. Alder:

    I found your discussion of this study to be intriguing, but it seems the link to the actual piece did not function. Please, where may one read the study, in its entirety?

    •Grostic, John D. The Dentate Ligament – Cord Distortion Hypothesis Chiropractic Research Journal published 1988


    Thomas C. Halle, D.C.
    Los Angeles

  2. 18 January 2016 at 09:04

    It appears that the website has gone down. The full reference listing is: Grostic JD. Dentate Ligament — Cord Distortion Hypothesis. Chiropractic Research Journal, 1988; 1(1):47-55.
    Unfortunately journal website has been changed as well.

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